Offering practical training in out-of-body exploration and lucid dream states to enhance day-to-day feelings of aliveness, experience of transcendental states without drugs and cultivate the capacity to pursue existential exploration and truths in your own time and pace.I love life. I am a solutions focused fellow with a can-do attitude. I apply myself to whatever I do with full passion and care. I love teaching and sharing the best of what I have learned for myself. I have a broad range of experience across many fields and I dive in and engage deeply. Over the years, I have travelled extensively, trained with all the leaders in the field of personal and spiritual growth and peak performance and am inspired by connecting with the essence of humanity My healthcare background is paramedics and nursing (specialising in Emergency Department nursing). I am a health educator and trainer, meditation teacher, business director and playful character. I have been having out-of-body and other lucid state experiences for the past 3 decades and feel the call the share the practical nuts and bolts of my practice (and others in the field) that enable anyone to also experience and become more deliberate in accessing these states for their own growth and joy.



    Practical training in the out-of-body experience


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