Offering practical training in out-of-body exploration and other “phase” states to enhance day-to-day feelings of aliveness, explore transcendental states without drugs and cultivate the capacity to pursue existential truths in your own time and pace.

The out-of-body state involves the feeling of one’s body floating, standing and walking outside of the physical body one identifies with while awake. This experience is usually attained while in a state somewhere between waking and sleeping. It is different from a dream.

All the senses are heightened, hyperreal – one is lucid, conscious and aware.

Scientifically, the out-of-body experience has been described as an experience caused by various neurological and psychological factors (Zhang, 2017). Regardless of the physiological factors involved in the out-of-body state, the subjective experience is undeniably real. This is what give it an unrivalled capacity to support individuals to learn, explore and grow through direct experience. It is a whole new reality to navigate, to maintain focus in and transcend the limits of day to day rationale in relating to one’s environment. With skill, you can dive deeply into this incredibly mystical state which once seemed a realm only for the mystical elite.

To be asleep to one’s full potential, hear the call that the impossible is in fact possible and then dare to step off that cliff into a personal sensorial knowing, is to experience one of the most powerful phenomenon achievable by humans.

    Practical training in the out-of-body experience


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