About The Lucid State Academy

Offering practical training in out-of-body exploration and lucid dream states to enhance day-to-day feelings of aliveness, consciousness shifts, transcendental states and awareness of existential truths in your own time and pace.

Willow Francis, director of the Lucid State Academy has traversed the globe and beyond for over 3 decades, studying at the Monroe Institute of consciousness exploration, practicing and training with some of the worlds’ leading edge facilitators and working deeply with psychedelics, trance states, meditation and the mystical experience. In addition to a crazy commitment to his inward adventures, he has travelled the globe – from the jungles of Brazil to the Himalayan Mountains ‐ he maintains a great reverence for really living in the world. Oh, and he has a thirty year background in paramedics and nursing. Willow’s out‐of‐body experiences have guided, fascinated and propelled him in his journey through life. Work with Willow to understand how you can develop the capacity to navigate these non‐ordinary states to deepen and broaden your own experience of life.

Professional Training

Learn strategic and practical skills from a passionate trainer with direct experience of the states over many years.

Step by Step Approach

Pragmatic and clear procedures for action. Progressive training that takes the difficulty out of learning a practice that has often been unnecessarily shrouded and complex.

Easy to learn

The training is progressive, practical and taught for success. The theory is minimal and the guidance to developing your own experience is the focus.


The training has been priced to make it available to all. Become one of the few people on the planet to cultivate this priceless skill.


What people say about working with Willow Francis

    Practical training in the out-of-body experience


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